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Posts From Mei, 2011

A Step in the Right Direction: 

UN to Announce Polio-Eradication Initiatives Today 

Long-term Commitment and Genuine Reforms a Must: 

HRCP expresses deep concern on abduction of Muzaffar Bhutto; Gen. Secretary JSMM 

GOP Establishes Child Protection and Welfare Bureau 

The Painting Exhibition by Mussarrat Nahid: 

Faisalabad Solid Waste Management Plant: 

Pakistan sells wheat to Indonesia and Malaysia; 

Budget 2011-12: 

Annual Report 2011: 

Unending Gas Load Management: 

Traffic Accident Injuries: 

‘Music Night’ at PNCA Gets Jam-packed Response 

National Conference: ‘Labour Rights as Citizen Rights 

Gender Responsive Budgeting: 

Budget 2011-12: A Spark of Support for Minorities 

Serving Education: 

Solving Traffic Problems 

PTCL Vows Taking Broadband to Every Household: 

Fifth ASJSCC in Jakarta: 

Food prices inflation intensifies risk of increase in child labour, violence against women 

Amnesty International Demands Release of a Kashmiri Teenager: Condemns Police Highhandedness 

Road Safety Education Week: 

Residents of G-11 Bubbling due to Water Scarcity 

Climate Change Adaptation Strategies: 

Serving Music: 

Is it our Education Policy? 

EPZA modifies percentage rate in 2011 

Defence Budget: 

IMF Bailout Programme’s Suspension: 

Alkhidmat Launches Pure Water Campaign 

TCP imports 1.1 MT White Sugar in 2010-11 

Energy Provision 2011 for buildings: ENERCONS’s initiative to save energy 

Gas Load Management: Why for Consecutive Days? 

Sculpture Workshop in PNCA: Youth Displays Real Potential 

10% of GDP each year needed to achieve MDGs target by 2015: Speakers 

Mango Mania to Start Soon 

Cholera or No Cholera: Time to Decide 

NGOs Take Edge over Government in Educating People 

Educate Girls to Address Poverty: Improve Health; Nutrition; Sanitation 

Seminar on MDGs Compliant Budget on Saturday 

56% Car Owners in Pakistan Drive Carefully 

Toll Plaza Staffers Complain Lack of Amenities 

‘Khushi’ Forced Spectators to Think 

Going Green: Launch of Modeville Outlet 

Waiting for Costumers among Heavy Clouds of Uncertainty 

Passion Makes Scribble on the Tombstones 

Pakistan’s economy showing positive signs: S. Korean Ambassador 

Heat Makes School-Going Wither 

The last thing we wanted: Tax Imposed on Visiting Parks ISLAMABAD 

Residents of Gawal Mandi Living among Live Wires 

PILDAT demands Parliamentary Committee seek details of Pak-US cooperation 

Politics in Nepal takes a crucial turn 

Public, Private Action vital for development in Asia: Experts 

Need to Build up Social Pressure for Implementation of Restorative Justice: SPARC Conference on Restorative Justice System 

International Labor Day Observed: 

Revisiting Unique Chapters of Art’s History through Carving 

UNESCO to Train the PNCA and Lok Virsa Staff for Safeguarding Cultural Heritage 

The challenges for the new media in Pakistan, on World Press Freedom Day celebrations 

Autobiographical Notes from a Teacher’s Diary: