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“Infochange News and Features Network (INFN)” is an Islamabad based development and investigative news agency that has been formed by a group of professional journalists from print and electronic media. Senior journalist Shafqat Munir is the founder of this news agency. INFN caters to the information needs of the people of Pakistan by building perspectives around news and images. The strap line of the news agency is: ‘The development news agency- changing the face of information’.

INFN provides news, views and perspectives on civic, national and international issues confronting the people. The news and features service is available in text and image at the moment and will soon be available in audio and video. INFN news and images are available at image  gallery . INFN a New Social Media and a News and Knowledge Platform initiates debates on crucial issues of sustainable development, climate change and social justice in Pakistan and South Asia. It strives for a social change through creating a space for pro-people information.

INFN aims to protect the Right to Know of people on issues of public interest in true people’s perspective generally lacking in incumbent media space. It intends to make readers aware of what is happening in and around them, facts behind top stories, opinions and perspectives on rights and development issues, hence creating an informed citizenry. INFN helps set media’s agenda for a more equitable society and sustainable Pakistan.

INFN provides features on civic issues, analytical stories on security situation, political governance, economy, trade, climate change, health, education, agriculture, food security and water and other stories and pictures concerning the people. These stories and pictures are available on INFN website. Top news stories and features are released to news media for onward publications and broadcast. INFN does this differently as its stories and features are in people’s perspective.

The news and knowledge produced by Infochange News and Features Network (INFN) gives a say to the marginalized and neglected people and issues and provides a new social media space to the people. INFN encourages common citizens and civil society to use this new social media space to air their points of views and share their information. INFN allows citizens to use this space (by contributing in terms of their write ups, columns and letters to the leadership of the country) for democratization of society, promotion of tolerance in the violence-hit society and socio-economic development.

Independent journalists, researchers, development specialists and civil society activists regularly contribute their news stories, analysis, columns and reports. INFN comes up with its own research-based stories on people’s issues and provides media space to other organizations, donors, academia and institutions to launch their research-oriented reports. INFN also reprints from some other sources as well.

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