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Mango Mania to Start Soon 

20 Mei 2011 07:10:20

Mango Mania to Start Soon

In the very hot summer season Mango is the fruit that sweetens the days and nights, makes meals delicious and is of course, the reason of festivity in the form of Mango Parties. The time is ripe enough for the King Mango to rule all over Pakistan, now.

Mango is one of the most popular and the most favourite fruits worldwide. Pakistani Mangoes are well recognized due to their unique taste in the international market. Pakistani Mangoes are sweet, aromatic, yellow skinned and soft.

This delicious fruit is nutritionally superior, source of several vitamins and minerals. The kinds of Mango like Sindhrri, Chonsa, Langrra and Dusehri have their unique taste and are a great fun to eat.

The climate of Sindh gets warmer about a month earlier than the Punjab which gives the province the privilege to grow early varieties of Mango. Subsequently, a new trend of growing late varieties in Punjab has received a wide popularity which has extended the market period and added to the exportable surplus.

Pakistan produced 1727.93 thousand tones of mangoes in the year 2008-09 according to Agricultural Statistics of Pakistan. Pakistan is on 3rd position among largest mango exporter in the world. India and Mexico are the competitors of Pakistani Mango in the world market but Pakistani mango has an advantage of rich great taste among the others.  It is very much unfortunate that mango industry of Pakistan is poorly developed as compared to the other mango exporters. Production, post harvest and marketing systems are poorly developed and returns are distributed quite unevenly, favoring middlemen. Modern infrastructure for cool storage, grading, post harvest treatment and transport is almost non-existent.

Pakistani Mangoes if given a chance to have access in the world markets can attract consumers other than that of Pakistani origin. This can further help paving the way for handsome exports of mangoes between Pakistan and the developed countries.