Founding Editor: Shafqat Munir   

Heat Makes School-Going Wither 

12 Mei 2011 06:05:33

Heat Makes School-Going Wither:

Demand for Summer Vacation from 1st June Intensifies

With mercury level ascending each day, the school going children are finding it increasingly hard to bear the burnt of the roasting sunlight especially at mid-day in the Capital. The genie of load-shedding is further deteriorating the state of affairs, making it worse.

As they were coming out with a deserted look on their faces, dried up lips and parched tongues, INFN talked to the kids at a local government school in G-11/1.


Haider Ali, 14, a student of 8th grade seemed disturbed to the core as he stated, “We are unable to beat the heat while returning back home in the afternoon as the sunlight is literally unbearable.”

Another young soul, Abdul Mannan, 15, came up with an interesting reason as he demanded the summer vacation to commence from the start of June, saying, “With rising temperature, the teachers are getting less patient and fly into a rage too often. It is but natural to lose temper if you are made to stand among scores of sweating human bodies without even the electricity to switch on the fans. After all, teachers are humans and the heat is really getting on their nerves now.”

Waseem Ahmad, a grade-7 student who seemed to have lost some of the sparkle from his eyes said, “It is very difficult to come to school and return home on foot as I do since my house is nearly 2 KM away. I wish F.D.E announces Summer Vacation no later than the 1st of June.”

Muhammad Usama of grade-6 told INFN, “I feel really suffocated in my classroom and load-shedding is making lives even more miserable for the poor students like me. Sitting in the bus is no less than a nightmare in the burning heat. I request the government to announce Summer Vacation as soon as possible.”

On the other hand, parents are equally worried about the health and well-being of their kids -- their asset of a lifetime. Muhammad Shafiq, who has came to pick his two boys from the school, showing his deep concern said, “It is really a matter of great worry for us as the children are too young to maintain proper intake of water to stay hydrated. We constantly keep thinking and praying for their health and request the concerned officials that they should not linger the announcement of summer vacation beyond the 1st of June, unlike the previous year when the vacation were postponed in a bid to facilitate teachers to return after the Eid. Any such attempt this year would be seriously foiled and opposed. We need to educate our children but not at the cost of a risk to lose them altogether.”