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Gas Load Management: Why for Consecutive Days? 

22 Mei 2011 12:09:56

Gas Load Management:
Why for Consecutive Days?
Commuters Face Nightmarish Shortage of Transport


ISLAMABAD, May 21, 2011 (INFN): The people of twin cities are really facing a horrifying shortage of transport due to the Gas Load Management observed in the region on Fridays and Saturdays.

The problem has a special impact on the lives of the people residing in the twin cities as majority of them is employees class and they have no option than using the private transport like taxis to reach their workplace.


“The problem becomes especially worse on Saturday when the public transport disappears completely from the roads and the taxis start looting us by charging fare of their own choice. They exploit the disability of people who do not have their own transport and cannot have the privilege to avail a casual leave on every weekend in a month,” complained a Hafiz Shakeel, a government servant waiting for transport on Islamabad Highway.

It is a pity that the gas load management that was started in the winters under the excuse of shortage of gas due to its multiplied usage in the households, has proved to be a lame excuse however, as the shortage of gas continues during the peak mercury levels being already reached in the country.

“The load management is especially lethal for the commuters like us as it lasts for continuous two days. It is very surprising as there is no logic in disconnecting the supply of gas for two consecutive days,” said Mazhar Abbas a teacher waiting for a vehicle. “Cannot they save the same quantity of gas by observing the gas load shedding for two different days like on Friday and Monday? This will save gas besides ensuring that the economic life of the country is not paralyzed,” he argued.