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‘Music Night’ at PNCA Gets Jam-packed Response 

28 Mei 2011 10:49:35 nm

‘Music Night’ at PNCA Gets Jam-packed Response


The Mehfil-e-Musiqi held here in PNCA Auditorium scheduled by Pakistan National Council of the Arts and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to entertain the people of twin cities on Friday night got a rocking response as people thronged the auditorium.

Fariha Pervez and Ali Abbas stunned the audience by singing a variety of songs that was coupled with eye-catching stage performances by both the singers. In the first session Ali Abbas rocked the stage for about 45 minutes and in the second session Fariha Pervez entertained the audience for about one hour forcing them to dance.


Ali Abbas started Mehfil-e-Musiqi with a Saintly Song (Sufi Kalam) followed by 8 songs that he dedicated to different people among the audience.

The hall of PNCA Auditorium was totally jam-packed and there were no seats for people who kept coming till the end. The song ‘Mara hai tay mara sahi yaar jo hay,’ was the best applauded song by the audience. Ali dedicated this song to a couple among the audience.


Fariha Pervez started from Buleh Shah’s kalam: ‘Bulah ke jana mai Kaon” followed by 14 other songs about classical, and Bhangra. She rocked the stage with here melodious voice. Some songs were sung on demand of the listeners even the old women in the hall demanded for their favorite songs.


While taking to INFN an old woman, Begum Khurshid said, “I am feeling so good in this Mehfil-e-Musiqi because it has reminded me of the golden days of youth.”

“We are going to be a good nation, soon” hoped Fariha while performing on the stage.


A well-known song by Fariha Pervez, ‘Patang baz sajna say’ got the best response that she sung after repeated requests made by the audience and this song compelled the guys, ladies and even the children to dance.