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PTCL Vows Taking Broadband to Every Household: 

27 Mei 2011 09:45:58

PTCL Vows Taking Broadband to Every Household:

Over 600,000 Internet Users in 1000 Cities of Pakistan Interconnected by PTCL in 4 years

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has reached on the unique status of providing Broadband services in over 1000 cities of Pakistan to over 600,000 customers, in four years of PTCL’s successful DSL service operations across the country. Before PTCL started providing Broadband service, it was only restricted to three major cities of the country.

PTCL is spreading the broadband culture in Pakistan, where a few years back there was little awareness in the market about broadband and multimedia technologies. Since the launch of Broadband Pakistan in May 2007, PTCL has made the broadband technology affordable by offering low-cost packages and by geographically taking the service to the remotes and underserved areas bringing it within access of ordinary users.

PTCL’s SEVP Commercial Mr. Naveed Saeed says that PTCL has always been the first to introduce and provide the benefits of latest technologies to the customers. “We have many innovative products for our valued customers which we intend to introduce periodically in the near future. It is PTCL’s mandate to take Broadband Pakistan to every household of the country” he stated.