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Road Safety Education Week: 

27 Mei 2011 09:24:33

Road Safety Education Week:

Observing Traffic Rules Reduces Accidents;

Mobile Phone Lethal While Driving

‘Observing the traffic rules can help us reduce accidents and while driving use of mobile phone is very dangerous, as it may cause serious accidents’, this was said by SSP Operations Farooq Azam addressing a road safety week workshop at NH&MP Lines Headquarter.

National Highways & Motorway Police has arranged this week at NH&MP Lines Headquarter, Islamabad to educate the drivers of government institutions about traffic laws.

As per details, NH&MP SSP Operations Farooq Azam at the inaugural ceremony of road safety week organized for the drivers of different government schools and colleges of Islamabad said that the aim of holding such programmes was to acquaint the people with traffic laws including creation of better traffic sense among them. He said that Motorway Police was doing its utmost efforts to maintain traffic discipline on highways and motorways and special speed checking cameras are being used to reduce over speeding practices.

He said that ‘In this regard, NH&MP have arranged several workshops and programmes in various educational and government institutions, Bus and Truck stands and would continue to deliver lectures there in future, as well,’ he maintained. This exercise of better driving education would helpful in providing disciplined traffic system to the masses on roads. He said that it is the utmost efforts of NH&MP to reduce the accident rate at bare minimum level and to provide safer traveling. He said that NH&MP is regularly organizing such week to provide education to the drivers of government and public sector.