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Is it our Education Policy? 

27 Mei 2011 09:15:29

Is it our Education Policy?

Delayed Distribution of Books

Reopening of Institutions during Ramadan

The distribution of curriculum books in the educational institutions of the capital is almost completed few days prior to the summer vacation as it is notified that summer holidays will be starting from 1st of June and will be ending on 10th of August.

The delay in books distribution has affected the education and at the time when book are available to the students and routine studies are on the track, summer holidays are to commence. The exams of the middle and primary standard were taken in March and results were announced in the same month as well but due to delay in book distribution, the routine studies could not be started.

Government of Pakistan has started providing free books to students all over the country to increase the literacy rate and to ensure a unified curriculum throughout the country. However, due to delay in distribution process of books it is not responding quite successfully. Private publishers do not publish the books and students can’t buy them from the market if they want to. It results in wastage of time of students and the teachers as the teachers are forced by the administration for completion of the course and so often the lack of concentration results in poor results.

After the vacations while students will come back in the mid of the holy month of Ramadan as per the notification, vacations will end on 10th of August, it is not very hard to realize that the attendance of the students will be too short as most of the students belong to the far off areas of the country so they will return after the Eid-ul-Fitr.

Authorities must take notice of the situation and make sure that the early distribution of the books along with a suitable vacation policy, which suits not only the weather conditions but the difficulties of parents regarding the added expenses for returning to their hometowns for the Eid holidays. A comprehensive policy should be drawn out keeping in mind all the pros and cons of the situation.