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Alkhidmat Launches Pure Water Campaign 

23 Mei 2011 10:39:32 nm

Alkhidmat Launches Pure Water Campaign


The Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has launched its campaign for providing clean water in the country.

According to an official of Alkhidmat Foundation, the cost of this project is about 1.5 million, and the main objective of this project is to provide pure, safe and clean drinking water to general public at affordable cost.

He told that main features of this project are filtered, safe and hygienic water and the beneficiaries should be general public.

According to Alkhidmat presenter, water is critical to nourishing and fostering life. One in two people in developing countries cannot access clean water, and hundreds die every day due to illnesses related to contaminated water. Every day, diarrhea and other diseases from easily preventable causes claim the lives of approximately 5000 people, most of them young children. According to a survey, 70% population of Pakistan is deprived of clean drinking water.

Presenter further told, “Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan is working on continuing basis to supply clean water in NWFP, Kashmir, Tharparkar (Sindh) and Balochistan. To provide clean water, Al-Khidmat Foundation has also decided to fix filtration plants in all populated cities of the country.”