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Sculpture Workshop in PNCA: Youth Displays Real Potential 

22 Mei 2011 12:02:42

Sculpture Workshop in PNCA:
Youth Displays Real Potential


Sculpture Workshop was held in Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) on Saturday to gear up the young girls of various universities and colleges for learning the art. Director of Visual Arts, PNCA, Nusrat Naheed and Educators, Imran Hunzai, Sajad and Ayub Wali were present for technical help and guidance of the youth. The workshop was all about using different materials like clay, plastic and fiber glass to make 3-Dimensional (3D) carving on soft wood.


25 students from different colleges and universities were participated in this sculpture workshop and represented their institutes as participants set up a fantastic atmosphere of competition among those students while making sculptures.


An outstanding presentation of sculptures in art hall also magnetized the concentration of visitors in PNCA which encouraged the participants.


This workshop did not only give exposure but also gave them opportunity to participant and express their potential that may help to encourage them for adopting sculpture making as a career.


In the end of workshop certificates were distributed among all participants by the Director of Visual Arts PNCA to encourage the contributors for this art and to make them professionals that may promote this art