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Pictorial health warnings on cigarette packs doing wonders 

26 September 2010 08:38:36


Pictorial health warnings on cigarette packs doing wonders

Sohail Rashid

RAWALPINDI, September 26, 2010: The implementation of pictorial health warnings on cigarette packs is proving effective as smokers are now facing a tough resistance from their families in continuing their habit.

Talking to this news agency, Idrees Ahmed, once a heavy smoker, said: “The picture of half-cut mouth on the cigarette pack gives a very bad feeling. Now instead of keeping a cigarette pack in my pocket, I buy only two or three cigarettes whenever I have the urge for smoking. This way, I have cut down my daily intake of cigarettes.”

Sajid Khan, another smoker, said that he has not yet stopped smoking after the implementation of pictorial health warnings on cigarette packs, but for the very first time in his life he was seriously thinking about quitting smoking. “I am trying to reduce the number of cigarettes that I smoke every day in a bid to stop smoking,” he added.

“Taking out a cigarette from a pack which is bluntly telling you its consequences is just like preparing to commit suicide,” said Kashif Raja, a university student. He said that he was also a smoker, but he quit smoking after contracting chest infection. “The Ministry of Health has done a remarkable job by implementing the new graphical warnings on cigatette packs,” he said.    

While some smokers are thinking about quitting smoking, a few have bought fancy cigarette cases to avoid the wrath of their family members.

“People, especially young smokers, demand a stylish cigarette case,” said Shabbir Ahmad, a cigarette kiosk owner at Commercial Market. He added said that many people also ask for old cigarette packs as they dislike the new packing whose 30% is covered with horrible pictures. 

Razia Sultana, the wife of a smoker, said that she has started a movement in her house, along with her children, to compel her husband to quit smoking. "The horrible pictures on cigarette packs have compelled me to do so for the sake of health of my husband," she told this news agency with a firm commitment.

“People should quit smoking to avoid fatal diseases like cancer and infections of chest and throat,” said Dr. Azhar Nadeem.