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Youth ready to fallow Aisam 

26 September 2010 08:45:16

Youth ready to fallow Aisam

Sohail Rashid 

RAWALPINDI, September 25, 2010: As Aisam Ul Haq has succeeded in giving a positive message to world from Pakistan side through his game, the rest of the youth is also ready to fallow him by playing tennis.

Before this achievement of Aisam, tennis was considered as the game of elite class and a common man was not even familiar with game’s charm but now the situation is changing and more people are seemed to be interested in tennis. Infact, many of them feels pleasure in having a personnel tennis-racket.

After visiting various sports outlets, INFN has learnt an increase in sale and demand of tennis rackets. “I haven’t dealt with tennis rackets in past but now after the shine of Aisam Ul Haq, people are demanding tennis rackets so I have to include it in my outlet” said Faizan Ahmad, a sports shop keeper in Rawalpindi.

Shabir Khan, another sports shopkeeper in “Banni” chowk said that there were very few customers of tennis rackets in past and it happened only once in a blue moon that some one asked him for a tennis racket. “After Aisam played two finals in US open tennis, I have eight to ten customers daily demanding a tennis racket” Shabir said. “They are purchasing tennis rackets but I don’t know where they will play because we have no tennis courts” he added.

“I know that we have no facility of playing tennis but still I love to have a racket. I would manage to play with my brother in lawn” said Shaban Anjum, a teenager checking tennis rackets on a shop in Sadar city. He further said that he would like to see tennis matches of Aisam instead of watching cricket that always hurts him. “Aisam did a great job by portraying a positive image of Pakistan while

Cricketers did its vice versa through corruption case” he added.

Sara Mansoor, who is Pakistan’s number three in women tennis and had also represented Pakistan in Islamic games, is also happy to see her game flourishing in all over the country.


“Aisam has played his role very brilliantly to promote this game by playing the final of a grand slam and now it’s my turn and Insha Allah I will do my level best to play my part deliberately” Sara showed her commitment while talking to this news agency. She further said that as tennis has no countable set up in Pakistan, one has to do bear all expenses himself for keeping his/her game alive.

“Now it is proper time to introduce and implement new reforms for the betterment of tennis in Pakistan so that players like Aisam would keep waving Pakistan’s flag in international circuit” she concluded.