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Students facing transport problems in twin cities 

23 September 2010 11:04:48

Students facing transport problems in twin cities

Sohail Rashid

Students in twin cities are facing severe transport problem as most of the schools and colleges have no transport facility for their students.

Various surveys show that more than 70 percent students in twin cities have to rely on public transport for reaching in their institutes. There are very few schools and colleges that are providing their students with a proper transport facility but only on specific routes, rest of the students have to face trouble in public transport.

“I have to take lift from any bike rider or car driver for reaching in my college” said Waqas sheikh, a student of H-9 College and a resident of Shamsabad. He further said that his other many friends are using this technique frequently because they have no transport facility from college side while public transport fares are not affordable for them.

Noman Iqbal, another student of the same college said “It takes much time in finding a seat in a wagon at morning in school time and many times it happened that I missed my class because of reaching late”. He further said that in a bid to reach at time, most of the time he has to take the risk of hanging from the rod of a vehicle.

“We used to hire a cab daily for reaching in our university. Though it is expensive, but it takes us in time with dignity as compare to public transport in which one has to sacrifice even the cleanliness of his clothes” said Naeem Mirza, a university student who was finding a taxi along with his friend on Saidpur road. 

The problem is even more severe for the female students who have a limited quota of two seats in public transport. Most of the wagon drivers have separated only two seats for females that are not sufficient.

“I have to wait for a long time on stand for getting a seat in wagon for reaching my college” said Naila Aziz, a student of Government College in Rawalpindi. “Government should arrange a separate transport for overall female commuters and especially for students” she demanded.