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Future of students hangs in balance! 

23 September 2010 11:00:25

Future of students hangs in balance!

The ongoing issue of cut in the budget of public sector universities in Pakistan by the federal government has brought a new spate of rage and uncertainty among the students of different varsities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Talking to INFN, students of different universities expressed their reservations on the decision of the government which has brought the administrations of universities and finance ministry at logger’s heads. A majority of the students termed it as a serious joke with the education in the country which is already on decline.

Abdullah Wani, a student of National University of Modern Languages Islamabad said, “Developed nations earmark a hand some amount for the education and public health, but unfortunately greed of our bosses is not letting them to serve the public by investing in education, as future of nations is written in the universities. But here the phenomenon is inversed and education is the most neglected area and this government has proved that education has never been the top priority of this government.”

Riaz ul Haq another student of the varsity said, “Nations do face financial crunches but it doesn’t mean that you got a license to cut budget of universities, if government think that it does not have much resources, it must revisit development budget. This could have given a better message, if you are not in a position to raise the allocations for education, you would have maintained the budget on the same value as it was in previous budget but you do not have any excuse of reduction in it.”

Tooba Anbreen, a student of International Islamic University expressed her in following way, “Though education has become a provincial subject after the 18th amendment, but provinces will have to deal with the primary and secondary education. Higher education, by all means, is a national and federal subject, and government will have to reconsider it before it turns into a disaster.”

Amira Kiani, a student of Fatima Jinnah Women University termed it as lack of vision at policy making level. “Expecting that nation will flourish when students are almost uncertain about their future is day dreaming and it would not produce the results. If you are running short of finances, reduce the size of cabinet, control your style of governance and cut the developmental budget, but placing a full stop against such a sector which is already fractured, totally reflects the lack of wisdom.” She added.

Pakistan is the country in the region which is already spending the minimum on education. Studies show that Pakistan has gradually decreased its education budget up to only 2 % of its GDP, which was 2.5 % for the fiscal year 2006-07, while on other hand, Iran spends more than 8% of its GDP on education. Under such circumstances, the decision to cut the budget for universities will bring a sense of uncertainty among students, which will have serious implications on the future of country.