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No plans to wind up ERRA: Deputy Chairman  

01 September 2010 06:01:02

No plans to wind up ERRA: Deputy Chairman                                

Deputy Chairman Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) Lt. Gen Haroon Aslam has denied the media reports which claimed that ERRA would be soon winded up due to deficiency of funds. 

Talking to INFN, Lt. Gen Haroon Aslam said that while media remains a critical eye to highlight what needs to be improved, however, perceptions about ERRA winding up are totally incorrect.

Commenting on recent reports appearing in media regarding lying off large number of employees he said that it is a wrong impression that the Prime Minister had ordered this.  ERRA being an authority is empowered to hire and fire its employees in accordance with the terms and conditions and set rule and can wind up contract of the employees of projects that are either complete or are near completion.

Describing the role of ERRA, he said that having the mandate to reconstruct and rehabilitate what was destroyed after earthquake 2005 ERRA moves ahead completing over 6000 projects out a total of 13,000 destroyed facilities. 

Talking about the current economic constraints, Deputy Chairman ERRA Lt Gen Haroon Aslam emphasized that ERRA having experience of nearly five years to handle natural disaster, having strong relations with NGO and international community has the will, expertise and backing of the government to complete the task that was assigned to it.  He said while the country is facing worst flood situation unprecedented in past, the financial constraint is well understood but was confident that allocation of funds would materialize in coming days.

Deputy Chairman ERRA, Lt Gen Muhammad Haroon Aslam remains optimistic that Pakistan will overcome the present difficulties and ERRA will support the government by rationalization of human resource as per demand of work at hand.