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A crippled man who runs faster in life than many of us 

02 September 2010 05:10:37

A crippled man who runs faster in life than many of us

Yasir Ilyas

RAWALPINDI, September 1, 2010: There are numerous people in our society with physical disability. Many of them have become physically impaired due to accidents. However there are only a few who never allow their disability to become a hurdle in life. They hate to be treated in a special way and live their life with dignity and become a role model for others like them, who curse their life without attempting to overcome the handicap.

Muhammad Ishfaq, aged 25, is one such brave figure in society who is crippled but runs much faster than most of us in the race of life. He had to undergo a surgery about three years back in which his right leg was amputated due to an infection.

Ishfaq’s upper parts of the body are functional. He had to spend 17 years of his life creeping on the floor since he could not move. But for the last three years, he cannot even creep. He keeps on lying on bed. The only movement he can do is to sit on the bed.

“I suffered from typhoid in my childhood which resulted in physical impairment. Since then, I have never walked,” Muhammad Ishfaq said with tears in his eyes. He is totally dependant on his family members if he wants to use the toilet.

Despite his physical disability, he did not lose hope and the will to live a full life. He learnt tailoring and now he sews clothes on his bed. His neighbour, who is a tailor by profession, is kind enough to give him some work. So through this, Muhammad Ishfaq is contributing to income of his family.

“I sew one dress per day as due to Ramazan my neighbour is loaded with work. He gives me a reasonable amount in return.” he said. He said that he is contended with his life. He never thought himself inferior to physically-fit people. “I want to earn with respect. I don’t want it that people take pity on me. Allah has blessed me with hands and I can earn through these hands,” he said with pride.

Talking about his family, Muhammad Ishfaq said: “We are three brothers and I am the eldest. My father is a poor labourer who works on daily wages. He cannot meet our family needs alone. My brothers are too young to earn, so I am supporting my family through my hard work.”

He said that they live in a small house along Jehangir Road near Sir Syed Chowk and paying Rs3,200 as rent for it per month. “We cannot afford a bigger house due to our meagre incomes. I appeal to Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani and Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif to give my family a small house so we may get rid of rent. It will support us economically,” he said.

Muhammad Ishfaq could be contacted on mobile phone number 0300-9796590.

According to him, his parents did whatever they could do as far as his treatment is concerned. Ishfaq considers his radio set as his best friend. He spends his leisure time listening to this radio.