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Posts From Oktober, 2011

Prices of Sacrificial animals’ Gains Momentum 

Hunger and world Poverty 

Eid for tailors, retailer not for general public 

Losing life in the waiting queue 

Woes of Education: 

No more arbitrary sanctions violating human rights against any country: UN adopts new principles 

ADB boosts Pakistan’s wind power capacity 

Millennium Development Goals: 

Research-based teaching: Knowing students’ ability and talent for better guidance 

Poverty of wealth but not love 

Education for grading not for Intellectual grooming 

Pakistan in the grips of sheesha epidemic 

Children deprived of right to education 

Fighting for Survival 

Much Needed Aid For Flood-Hit Arrives Ahead Of Winter 

Sexual minorities face severe neglect in flood relief efforts in Sindh 

Saudi Funding with UNICEF Support 

Playing with the health of residents of twin-cities 


Rationalise banking spread to revive economy: Samina Fazil 

Grievances and concerns of country’s future 

Journalists’ joy finds no bounds 

A win-win trade for India & Pakistan Abid Suleri, Pradeep S Mehta  

National Conference on Right to Food 

Railway workers protesting against delay in payment of salaries 

Death anniversary of a legend goes un-noticed 

‘Noise-induced hearing-loss’ 

Womanhood personified: 

Messy traffic: No end to nuisance for people 

The Missing link 

IOM Disaster Communications Teams save Lives in Flood-Hit Sindh 

Effectiveness of Trainings to Curb Corporal Punishment 

Disaster affected children should be hunger-free 

Australia restates long-term commitment with Pakistan 

Optimistic Generation: 

Teaching in the federal capital, insult personified 

Clean hands save lives: Global Hand washing Day 2011 in Pakistan 

CCCI delegation seeks PASDEC support for marble development of Chitral 

A ray of hope for flood-hit 

New Pakistan Hydro Plant to Help Ease Nationwide Power Shortages 

Ten million left to suffer in child labour 

Noise Pollution on the Rise 

Gender discrimination in education should end 

Preservation of Pakistani Heritage 

HRCP demands end to growing killings, impunity 

No respect for creative artisans 

Burning down youth to ‘butts of cigarettes’ 

Talent is being sold to earn a livelihood 

Creative artists reach capital as Folklore festival kicks off today 

Scholars’ Strong Plea for Non-interference in Afghanistan 

USAID to carry out safety training of linemen of Power Distribution Companies (DISCOs) to help cut down on fatal accidents 

Special children need special attention 

The Missing Link 

Security focus on climate change marginalizes vulnerable people: Research 

3 million children at risk of malnutrition and disease; Save the Children warns 

Popularity of hand mad fan is on the rise 

Beauty needs no ornaments: 

"Teachers for Gender Equality" 

Glamour enthralls the visitors at L’atelier 

IOM taps UN central emergency response fund to help 6,000 more homeless families in flood-hit Sindh 

SMS Mania takes hold of youngsters 

Things fall apart, centre cannot hold! 

An outcast among the outcasts: 

Calamity of load-shedding irks residents 

Bees attack blocked motorists on M-2 

Regional Directors’ conference commences 

Teachers protest for upgradation at NPC 

Culture barriers should be the next target: 

IRCH and WHO-Pakistan collaborate to raise awareness on health issues 

Kabuli Khan starts 18th long march from 15th October 

Nuisance of learning English language in Pakistan 

Solar lighting can help in reducing load-shedding 

Out of order ATM machines irk residents