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Founding Editor: Shafqat Munir   

Research-based teaching: Knowing students’ ability and talent for better guidance 

26 Oktober 2011 07:44:23

Research-based teaching: Knowing students’ ability and talent for better guidance


The condition of education system of our country is deteriorating with every passing moment. These days teaching profession has fallen in its standard. Teachers are either unwilling to know or do not know how to teach.

With division in our educational institutions in the imparting of education, multiple standards are prevailing that discourage students. Those who study the A-level and O-level excel the other two classes who have studies in the Urdu medium and the so-called English medium schools.

This thing is disheartening our younger generation making them take stress and tension about their future life, owing to the precarious state of the country’s situation.


Most our universities and colleges are lacking the facility of students’ counselling along with the psychologist who could easily handle and understand the problem of every single student who is into a mess. This way, students are oblivious of their career because they do not comprehend what they have to follow in the future due to the forgetfulness and the almost zero awareness on various things of their concern.


A good teacher should be having a good understanding mind and the friendly attitude towards the students which is considered healthy for sound learning. The modern and psychological need of the student should also be given value which would make them well suited in the modern advancement.


Teaching is not effective without new educational research in the relevant field. Using this strategy the psychological side of the students’ ability is also polished. This also connects the teacher with the new innovation occurring around the glob.


Little learning takes place if a teacher does not know how to blend new findings and instruction into the classroom activities despite the having appropriate atmosphere.


Teaching in our country lacks research and text books once printed are hardly ever revised and changed but just bent on repeating the old and obsolete knowledge coming from centuries and is irrelevant as well.


The new teaching strategies and content of the books should be preferred for the better teaching styles and for the understanding of students easily. The use of internet source, visiting libraries, attending various seminars and relevant teaching talks can be effective to make their teacher go beyond the wall of the classroom.