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Working in the open to keep the ‘clock of life’ ticking 

14 September 2010 08:52:59

Working in the open to keep the ‘clock of life’ ticking

Sohail Rashid

At the age of 70, every human being needs rest and care from his or her family members. In fact, in developed countries, senior citizens are provided with facilities like pension, free medical and a place to live. On the other hand, in our society, a large number of old people have to do tough jobs to make both ends meet.

Sitting near bustling Fawara Chowk in Raja Bazaar, 70-year-old Abdul Khaliq, hailing from Attock district, has been repairing people’s watches at the roadside for the last 25 years. When he coughs, he spits blood as he is a tuberculosis patient. He is a heart patient too. But he still works because he is the only source of income for his family. He is the father of three unmarried daughters and a schoolgoing son.

“I hardly make Rs100 per day. I have to manage expenditures of my family from this meagre amount as I have no other source of income,” said Abdul Khaliq while talking to this news agency.

He said that he had a shop which was demolished in an operation against encroachments more than 25 years back. “From that day, I have been working in front of this shop,” he added.

“I am living with my family in a room. At the end of every month, it becomes very difficult for me to pay its rent and utility bills of gas and electricity,” he said while describing his miseries. He said that he has no money for his treatment. “I am worried about my family. There is nobody to take care of them after me,” he added.

Abdul Khaliq wants to fulfil all his responsibilities like marrying his daughters and educating his son. Achieving all these things is very difficult for him as he has tuberculosis and heart problem. He should be in a hospital but he is working in the open where his health is deteriorating. He has no one around him with whom he could share his sorrows.

If someone wants to help Abdul Khaliq, he or she can contact him on his mobile phone number 0306-5063368.