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Ramazan is a source of income for many 

06 September 2010 11:13:27

Ramazan is a source of income for many

Sohail Rashid

RAWALPINDI, September 5, 2010: Ramazan brings with it countless blessings for the Muslims. Apart from other things, it brings opportunities for the people to earn money.

With the start of the holy month, there is a considerable increase in the number of ‘pakora’ and ‘samosa’ stalls. People who set up such stalls are mostly not regular vendors. They set up their makeshift stalls at roadsides only in Ramazan to sell culinary delights like ‘pakoras,’ ‘samosas’ and rolls.

The stallholders and vendors do brisk business throughout the month. Long queues of people could be seen at their stalls just before ‘iftar.’ After Ramazan, their business comes to an end and they have to look for some other means of income. Most of these stallholders and vendors are usually daily wage workers.

Habib Ahmad is one such vendor who is doing brisk business these days from his stall of ‘pakoras’ and ‘samosas’ near Pindora Chungi. At the same time, he is little worried as Ramazan is stepping towards its end, which is a signal of closure of his business. Talking to this news agency, he said that after Eidul Fitr he would do odd jobs on daily wages.

“Ramazan always brings joy and happiness for me and my family. I set up a stall at this place in Ramazan from where I earn a handsome amount which is sufficient for several months. I have to live hand to mouth for the remaining part of the year,” said Habib Ahmad.

Arshad Khan, a vendor near Shamsabad, said: “It is good to see so many people queuing up at my stall in the evening. People buy ‘iftar’ items from me in large quantities. It is indeed sad that I will have to close down my business after Ramazan.” He added that he earns money for at least three months in Ramazan.

Naseer Ijaz is a vendor who serves ‘naan’ and ‘chanay’ at his stall at ‘sehri’ along Saidpur Road. Most of his customers are students and bachelors residing in the nearby localities. There are no tables and chairs at his stall, but even than there is always a rush of people.

He said that he would close down his business after Eid. “I cannot afford to set up a proper restaurant so I will do something else,” he added.