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A life-long struggle to buy happiness for children; 

20 Augustus 2011 04:05:16 nm

A life-long struggle to buy happiness for children;


Can her tears win ‘education for daughter’ and ‘Eid Joys’?


“If you are born poor it’s not your mistake but if you leave this world still being poor it is, of course, your own mistake,” says Bill Gates. He is right in his own place but it cannot be applied generally and universally. There are people who try their level-best and turn the night into day while working with strong will in order to change their fortunes but all is in vain.


Samina Rohi, 45, along with her 3 daughters and 2 sons lives in Bakra Mandi Rawalpindi. She sells decoration pieces in Saddar for earning two times meal for her children. She has been divorced for the last 7 years and resides in a rented house.


“I used to live in Mandra village along with my husband but due to household issues I was divorced. After divorce I was left with small children in the village and then I thought of coming to Rawalpindi in order to give them education as well as to work easily to support my small children,” Samina Rohi said while talking to INFN.


“I started sending my children to school when I shifted here while on the other hand I worked in people’s houses besides sewing clothes at my home for supplication of my small children.


My children were very intelligent although I didn’t have the resources to afford their education but somehow I managed to get them educated to some extent.” She added.


She said that she has worked in different houses for earning money to feed her children and now she sells decoration pieces made up of ‘clay’. She goes for work at 10 am and gets back home at 11:30 pm.


“When I get back home at mid-nigh all my small children are waiting impatiently for me and after that they gather around me for eating supper collectively and they feel very much excited eating along with me,” She explained sadly.



Her elder daughter has done matriculation privately and now she wants to pursue her education for college. She does not have the money to admit her daughter in the college while the daughter is passionate to learn.


“I feel very sad when I get back home from the day-long tiring work as my children ask me: ‘Mama’ we don’t have cloths and sandals for Eid and are you going to buy them for us?”


“I just give them solace verbally that I would surely buy them for you while on the other hand I don’t have the money for buying food for them; how would I afford buying things for them on Eid?” She laments.


She said that now she does not have the capacity in this old-age to do hard work to provide meal and basic necessities of life for their children. She requested the government, NGOs and the philanthropists to come forward and support her so that she could provide education to her children. If anybody wants to help this distressed and poor lady please contact at Infnservice@gmail.com.