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Pindora stop presents the look of a stream 

06 September 2011 10:44:53 nm

Pindora stop presents the look of a stream


Despite repeated reports of the seeping sewerage lines authorities pay no heed


The busiest crossing on Pindora chongi stop is presenting the look of a stream causing problems for the motorists, motorcyclists and pedestrians while on the other hand it is the most congested road as well.


Now this ‘stream’ has become the ‘service station’ for the Rickshaw drivers who at night wash their Rickshaws in this dirty water giving stinking smell and posing serious health problems to the residents of the area. It has also become a breeding place for the mosquitoes too.


While talking to INFN, Mustafa Naseem a shopkeeper said, “It has been almost a month that the sewerage line has choked while no measures have been taken to repair the line. But almost a week ago it’s started gathering water further on the road which is causing problems for the people using this way.”


“When we take left while moving on the I.J. Principal Road towards the Pindora chongi then in almost no time we find our vehicle in the gutter water and sometimes the motorists moving with speed pass through contaminated stagnant water rise splashing high in the air, spoiling the clothes of neighbouring motorists and pedestrians,” said a motorist Nouman Khan.


This pathetic situation of the road which presents a look of stream is a proof enough of the inefficiency of the concerned authorities which needs to be addressed while giving relief to the passers-by.