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The Painting Exhibition by Mussarrat Nahid: 

30 Mei 2011 12:29:23 nm

The Painting Exhibition by Mussarrat Nahid:

‘Silent Voice’ Speaks Loud and Clear


Painting exhibition titled ‘Silent Voice’ by famous artist Mussarrat Nahid held here on Monday at Nomad Art Gallery where 26 paintings were displayed for art lovers that were not only paintings but also carried deep meaningful messages and proved to be real treat for the lovers of art.


Mussarrat’s exhibition was held for promoting art and artists to acknowledge their contribution that deserved to be commended. It is a sign of her sympathy and eagerness to highlight the perceptions and creativity of eminent artists of her country. Mussarrat strove hard to bring the Gallery at par with standards and quality maintained by art galleries of the western countries, which she managed rather successfully.


While talking to INFN Mussarrat Nahid said, “I am inspired by my conventional art in the form of rock carving besides the roads of the tribal area which is a precious treasure for us and our future generations as well. But the construction of Bhasha Dam threatens to deprive us of and abolish this traditional art which explain our evolution, society and norms of our ancestors.”


“Silent voice” paintings clearly demonstrate their strong connection with the cultural traditions and by-gone civilizations, that form the roots and identity of what is now Pakistan. The many layers of civilizations of this soil manifest themselves in the textured background patterns that adorn her canvas, vividly bringing out her subject matter.

Mussarrat further said, “I dedicate my painting to the tribal areas and their people who are known for this precious art and have done their job in the shape of brilliant rock carvings and it is our duty to save that carving for our generations. I am not against the construction of Bhasha Dam but we should take practical measures to protect our art before constructing the Dam.