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Faisalabad Solid Waste Management Plant: 

30 Mei 2011 12:26:23 nm

Faisalabad Solid Waste Management Plant:

A Great Initiative

With a growing population like the other major cities of Pakistan, Faisalabad also faces an urban problem of inadequate solid waste management. CDG-F, the implementing agency, intends to rectify all these problems from its urbanized areas, comprising of four towns namely, Jinnah Town, Lyallpur Town, Iqbal Town and Madina Town, through private sector participation in the development and implementation of an integrated solid waste management project under the PPP modality.

These four towns have an approx population of 2.78 Million and an area of approx 1,351 square kilometers. Approximate cost of this project is US$ 15 million.

It is pertinent to mention here that the rapid growth of urban population in Pakistan and a rising trend of migration from rural to urban areas of the country have posed additional demands on the existing infrastructure of these populous cities, resulting in uncontrolled urban sprawl, deteriorating environment, and constantly declining standard of urban services.

As City District Governments strive to improve access of common person to necessities like water and sanitation, their financial and institutional capacity also needs to be enhanced in tandem. These governments need to be efficient and financially stable to improve the sanitation systems of their respective cities for a burgeoning population.

At present, solid waste management in the majority of urban towns is at best rudimentary, thus requiring the development and implementation of state of the art systems customized to the requirements of city. Realizing the deficiencies in basic infrastructure inhibiting economic growth, Government of Punjab has accorded high priority to providing an integrated sustainable community based Solid Waste Management System which is indeed a great initiative and must be started in other cities too.