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Toll Plaza Staffers Complain Lack of Amenities 

18 Mei 2011 12:21:14 nm

Toll Plaza Staffers Complain Lack of Amenities


The employees of Taraki Toll Plaza are continuously taking the shower of pitiless high temperature on Grand Trunk (GT) road due to the lack of facilities. A Toll operator Adeel Ahmad who was shouting over the mismanagement of authorities of the tool plaza said, “There is no water from the last two days here and the hide and seek of electricity is usual like the past but in colossal style.”

Further he told, “We are performing our job on the bank of the river Jehlum, however we are out of reach from a single drop of clean water. He emphasized that this is the stiff duty to mange yourself under the angry Sun, so it is a useless job as compared to the work load and job related difficulties involved.” This was the desperate voice of single employee, there are number of victims of Tarraki Toll Plaza who are still waiting for the agreeable   assistance from authorities. Authorities have to take some extraordinary decisions to provide a sigh of relief for the recruits.

Establishment has to control this error and should avoid converting this problem into crisis. Because bit by bit every department is raising its demands, as we can see the historical crisis in the WAPDA, PEPCO, PTCL etc. The workers of toll plazas collect a great amount of money for the Government and contribute into the development of a progressive nation. Their needs and demands should be immediately addresses.


Government can tackle this problem with an approach of nipping the evil in the bud before it is too late.