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Revisiting Unique Chapters of Art’s History through Carving 

02 Mei 2011 12:49:59 nm

Revisiting Unique Chapters of Art’s History through Carving


Some people have an immense affiliation with their culture and are so inspired from it that they end up becoming artists as professionals, no matter how low paid the profession may prove to be.


Naseem Akhtar, 50, is a case in point, having a son and three daughters; he is expert in making different design on wood pieces according to the customer’s demand. He has been working since his childhood in this field. He is expert in traditional, unorthodox, latest bridal designs of furniture and door panel carving.


While talking to INFN, Naseem Akhtar said,” I have a passion for this work, more than half of my life is spent in this occupation, and I have a great attachment with this work and consider it as my beloved. I choose this job by my free choice and will be dying with this as well.”


Naseem uses so many tools including chisels, hammers, handsaws, knives, utility blades, scale, scrapers and snips that he buys from Chiniot and are especially made for the purpose of carving on wood. “My tools are my best friends, part and parcel of my life and I feel incomplete without them, I feel so happy when making the traditional designs and trying to show my inner curiosity to others,” he exclaimed with joy.


He further said, “Everybody cannot do this artistic work, you should have a huge connection with nature and its hidden realities to be able to carve designs on wood that convey a deep message to people through carving. I try to make people visit some forgotten period of our history through this carving work. Though I love the antique designs of Mughal Era, yet I also love to blend the antique with the modern trends in art and culture.”


Naseem is contented with his limited income and resources and does not have any regrets regarding the choice of his profession.