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Achieving MDGs is tough for Pakistan: report 

17 September 2010 09:23:24 nm

Achieving MDGs is tough for Pakistan: report

Yasir Ilyas

ISLAMABAD, September 17, 2010: Security issues, financial crunches and certain other domestic and international issues in the period since 2006 has undermined the efforts of Pakistan in attaining the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

This was revealed in the ‘Pakistan Millennium Development Goals Report (PMDGR)’ launched by the Centre for Poverty Reduction and Social Policy Development (CPRSPD), Planning Commission, Government of Pakistan, here on Friday.

The Pakistan Millennium Development Report, the fourth one in the series, is a part of monitoring and evaluation process in attaining Millennium Development Goals. The report covers the period since 2006 in which numerous and far-reaching developments have taken place in Pakistan.

The report determines the standing of Pakistan in this regard while it only has half a decade to attain these goals by 2015. The recent report covers the period which has transformed the social, political and economic landscape of the Pakistan which has affected the outcomes, achievements and targets of Pakistan’s Millennium Development Goals.

According to the report, security issues have been of concern for last many years but since 2007-08, they have been highly aggravated affecting the physical, social and human capital outcomes, undermining the development efforts.

The economy has suffered losses in foreign domestic investment and exports due to the spillover effects of the global recession; followed by the financial crisis in developing countries like Pakistan.

Moreover, the devastating floods of August-September 2010 have affected more than 20 million people, ravaged different rural and urban areas destroying infrastructure and agricultural heartlands of Pakistan. This has adversely impacted the overall economy and achievement of many of the MDG targets will remain an ambitious objective.

According to report, status of MDGs targets is as following. Pakistan has adopted 16 national targets, 37 indicators against the 08 MDGs, keeping in view the priorities and data availability. Pakistan is ahead in 06 indicators; on track in two; slow in 04; lags behind in 20 indicators and is off track only in one indicator.