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Living a life of contentment 

08 September 2010 05:15:17

Living a life of contentment

Sohail Rashid

We daily come across many people in life who complain about how hard it is to make both ends meet in the times of unprecedented price hike. Everyone talks about how hard it is to feed their families and educate their children. However there are many individuals in our society whose deep contentment and thankful life put to shame even well-off people who are always found complaining.

Muhammad Ayaz, the owner of a small cabin in Sector I-9/4, is a living example of contentment. He has been running this makeshift shop near residential plots for five years. He is the proud head of nine-member family, including his wife, six daughters and a son.

"I am very grateful to Allah that I can earn bread for my family without getting into any tension and problem,” said Muhammad Ayaz. This small cabin has assorted things like milk packs, biscuits, eggs, chips and toffees. According to him, he earns in the range of Rs1,000 to Rs3,000 per day, out of which his profit is Rs100 per thousand rupees.

He is running the shop at the same place for five years, so all residents know him as a man of good reputation and character. "Ayaz uncle is very friendly and never uses harsh and aggressive language as other shopkeepers,” said young Adnan who was there to buy biscuits. “He welcomes everybody warmly and treats them cordially,” he added.

When Muhammad Ayaz was asked how could a nine-member family live on such a small amount of money, he replied humbly that it is a blessing of Allah. “I have a big family but we spend our money on only essential things. We live a simple life without any luxury,” he added with a broad smile on his face.

“The wish of living a life of luxury is the reason behind all problems that our whole nation is facing currently," said Muhammad Ayaz philosophically. He further explained that in a bid to maintain artificial standards, people usually lose their contentment and their lives become hell. "It is always in our hands to make our life happy or dejected and my experience says we can make our lives one thousand times happier by thanking Allah all the time,” he said.

People like Muhammad Ayaz are an example for all those who always complain about their problems and miseries. If he, having the responsibility of six daughters on his shoulders, could live a happy life in meager resources, why can't we?