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Out of order ATM machines irk residents 

02 Oktober 2011 09:29:26

Out of order ATM machines irk residents


The un-functional ATM machines in various banks of Rawalpindi are creating troubles for the residents and they have demanded State bank of Pakistan to clear the malfunction in ATM machines.


On every weekend the residents of Rawalpindi have to draw money from these machines quickly. They become frustrated when they found ATM machine are out of order. The residents said that lack of currency stock in ATM machines in banks is also a big problem. The residents have demanded of the easily and free service of these machines.


On Sunday almost all the card holders were wandering while debasing them and searching for the ATM machines with the intention to get money out of it but unfortunately they only have to see the message ‘link down’ on every screen of the machines and everybody was in panic because they had to do shopping on weakened which is also wasted by the disordered ATM machines.


The ATM machines throughout the countries that were close down in order to decrease the risk of robberies in the bank on the vacation and another assumption is of the holiday concept of these machines as well.


Despite the giving message by the ATM machines to the user that their link is down, they were impatiently waiting in long lines in order to get some money. Munawer kalim said while teased by this problem that he has been searching from morning till evening but cannot see a single ATM machines which was working.” Mostly people have to do shopping so they need money on the spot so this is irking residents if their service of getting money is not coming out. What is the meaning of ATM machine if it doesn’t help people in troubled time?”


The residents of the Rawalpindi are complaining and demanding the government and the private bank to ensure their functioning of ATM machines. These machines are for the convenience of the people but if these are made out of order then it going bring a great mess out of the comfortable and easy going life.