Founding Editor: Shafqat Munir   

Disparity in education deepens class difference 

30 September 2011 07:42:14

Disparity in education deepens class difference


Since independence country has been facing problems in nearly every field especially the education sector. After 64 years, no mentionable reform is seen in the sector.


The literacy rate of the Pakistan is often quoted to be nearly 50%. This, however, also includes those people who can only write their name. The GDP allocated for the education sector is also very low as meagre as 1.8 as compares to the other countries of South Asia.


The people of our country are also least concerned about binging educational reform in the country by just wasting time. A week ago, a massive demonstration started in Santiago, Chile which captured the world attention and brought the real change in the educational reform in the country. This is because they have awareness and knowledge about the things happening around them in the world.


Students, parents and teachers in Santiago have come out on the street while protesting about the inequalities and disparity in education prevailing there. The schools, colleges and universities were closed down to demand the educational reforms.


They were also demanding ban on the commercialization of the private educational institution and the quality education.


In severe contrast to this, our country’s educational system has almost failed to deliver the things which it should be providing. Despite all this, we do not think about the reform.


The literacy rate in Santiago is 97% and the government spending of 3.1% on this sector but if we see our country whose literacy rate is almost 50% and spending on education is 1.8 but we do not come out on the streets to demand reforms.


“Bizarre people are living here in Pakistan. The teachers are seen protesting for the high salaries from the government and parents are seen agitating against the increase in the institution’s fee but no one talks about the educational reform which is going from bad to worse,” Abdul Rehman, an English teacher said.


A teacher of mass media said that a comprehensive reform and planning was needed for the renovation of the whole educational system. But this could be possible with the help of government only.