Founding Editor: Shafqat Munir   

Multiple Standards of Education in Pakistan 

09 September 2011 06:53:01

Multiple Standards of Education in Pakistan


Horrendous discrimination in imparting education according to status spreads frustration in youth


Education plays a vital role in the prosperity and development of any country besides bringing people from darkness to the light, guiding them on every point in daily life.


It plays a role of oxygen in our society which if removed can prevent us from moving ahead with others in the world who move faster than us in terms of development.


Our society is almost divided into three types of educational systems owing to poor management and policy making resulting in horrendous discrimination in the time of getting employment. And this situation is increasing the level of frustration amongst the people.


The first type of people who get education in the Government schools cannot even write a single letter in English due to the poor study level they get during all of their studying time. “The students who have studied in these schools wander for jobs while they are not capable enough to be hired for any job whatsoever.” Mustafa Arsalan a teacher said.


“There is also a world of difference between their books as compared to the English Medium schools.” He further said.


“The discrimination starts from the very beginning because if observed the private schools text books and the books of government schools are a lot different. The private schools’ books are better and mostly written in English as well as English language is considered compulsory almost in every field of life and without it nobody prefers a candidate for job.” Abdul Rehman said while talking to INFN.


He said that preference is given to those candidates for the employment who are good at conversation in English despite their professional qualification because we have the phobia of English which brings frustration in the youth who are weak in English.


Jamshed Haider, an expert in English language said, “The students who had studied in different education system i.e. Government schools, Private English medium schools and the A and O level students cannot match compatibility with each other because of the standard of education they all had received differently. It has also become difficult for the teachers as well to teach them because teacher will also have to treat them in a different way in the universities according to their level which is not feasible and is quite time-consuming as well.”


“Now the dilemma is that there are three sorts of education going on in the country and just think who will be more suitable for the job if any vacancy is advertised while now a day there is too much competition in almost every field.” He added.


The mental level, critical thinking ability, language skills, study skills and the communication skills as well as the confidence is very important in today’s market for the jobs but due to these multiple-standards of education it is seen nowhere except at some schools of elites where only few students get good education. And then they are capable of the getting the employment easily.


There must be a single standard of education as well as a uniform syllabus for every school, for the government as well as the private schools and this way discrimination should entirely be finished. The division of the people in different classes will be ended which would bring development.


Today education is according to the status of an individual while this horrendous discrimination should be removed by bringing one and single educational system across the country.  English language should be given preference but a candidate should not be preferred only because of good English speaking skills but recruitment should be made keeping in view the struggle that ‘true talent’ from the have-nots be given an opportunity to prove.