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A Step in the Right Direction: 

31 Mei 2011 12:36:39 nm

A Step in the Right Direction:

Private Hostels under Keen Observation


The capital police have started campaign to collect the exact data about the people who are living in private hostels and residences.

Head Constable Muhammad Arif Shakil told INFN, “We are collecting the data of people who are living in the private hostels because nobody is aware in the capital about the next door inhabitants so the objective of this campaign is to remove easy living for the miscreants, he added that our main motive is to check that how many people of the same district are living in hostels. For this purpose we are distributing forms to the private hostels for the purpose of informational data submission of each and every person who is currently living in the private hostels.

Capital police has formed four posts to divide the workload and to get the right motives from the current campaign, he further added.

In the wake of the prevailing law and order situation, such data collection campaigns are the need of the hour as they might provide valuable information to be used for surveillance.