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‘Khushi’ Forced Spectators to Think 

18 Mei 2011 12:19:16 nm

‘Khushi’ Forced Spectators to Think


Pakistan Council of Arts is presenting Drama Festival, 2011 for amusing the people of twin cities and a great effort to convey a deep message to the spectators in PNCA.

KHUSHI was 8th play at auditorium which is about the inferiority complex of an old man who served in a government job and got retired. He looks at well-settled people around him and feels so uncomfortable because of unavailability of that luxurious life style that they are enjoying. Besides the seriousness of plot, the drama was also remarkable for great element of humor that entertained the audience a lot.

The leading roles were performed by Imtiaz Ali Kashif, Yaar Muhammad Khan, Mumtaz Khan, and Shahista Peerzada, who carried out their roles according to the screener’s demand and brought smiles on the spectators’ faces.

Khushi is written by famous writer Syed Imtiaz Ali Taaj, who has tried to tell us about the tolerance and satisfaction on our faith, which remain and keep us in routine and normal life and we are satisfied from our lives. We are not supposed to look towards the upper class rather we should fix our gaze on lower class who are passing their life peacefully and happily without any regrets, if we want to avoid becoming either a victim of inferiority or superiority complex.

People got more than their expectations from the play which was in their minds before the start of play. Khushi was not only for entertaining the people of twin cities but also for providing them momentous message through this play. Khushi was not only a comedy play for its viewer but also a lesson for us and contained a silent message as well that provokes us to think.